How to Find and Install Canon Printer Drivers

Printer drivers basically serve as a descrambler for printing jobs, making it so that the printer can read the printing job regardless of what application it is being sent from. It serves as a translating device to turn the printing data generated by whatever application you are using, some sort of word processing program most likely, into a readable format for your specific printer. This makes printer drivers an extremely important and necessary part of printing and the entire process is normally brought to a complete stop if your driver is not working properly. It is for this reason that it’s so important for all computer owners to know how to find, update, and install new printer drivers onto their computer.

The first step to installing Canon printer drivers is to get ahold the driver itself. Printer drivers are actually software that usually come on CD’s that need to be installed onto your computer for them to work. Canon carries their own printer drivers and you can get one from them online or call and talk to one of their sales reps. in person. Canon also allows you to download the driver directly from their site if that is your preferred method of doing it. In addition to getting the printer driver directly from Canon you can also purchase them at many electronics and computer retailers around the world.

Once you have obtained a Canon printer driver you are now ready to go ahead and install it. To do this you will need to begin by clicking on the Start’ menu. Once the start menu pops up you can then click on the Control Panel’ button and then the Hardware and Sound’ menu. Once this menu comes up you will be presented with a variety of options to choose from. Click the printer’ button and you should see a list of all of your computers available printers. Choose the printer that you wish to install the new driver for and right click on it.

Once the menu from the right click comes up you will need to scroll down and select Run as Administrator’ and then click on the Properties’ button. Depending on how you have the security of your computer set up you might be prompted to enter your administrator username and password before moving forward. Once that is done you are almost finished.

After the computer accepts your username and password you will need to click on the Advanced’ button. This should bring up another menu from which you will select the New Driver’ button. That’s all you have to do on that end. If you enter the driver CD at this point the prompted setup wizard will help you finish off the installation of the printer drivers. After that you’re done.

There is much more information available online about troubleshooting printer driver problems as well as forums you can visit to learn more about the issue. If you are having trouble installing your printer driver then you can visit Canon’s website to get instructions or call a customer service representative to get help and you also can take advantage of driver detective driver updater.